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Bringing big company analytics to the the rest of us.  

Fast Process & Results

Fast Process & Results

Strategic Consulting | Cash Strategies

The CertainPath™ to improved cash flow and profitability

Improved profitability and effective cash management requires the

art of combining predictive analytics with intelligent operational processes.   

We serve companies best who: 

Have sustained revenues

Are generating poor or inconsistent net income

Struggle to meet cash flow requirements

Want to maximize cash flow for an exit (sale or ESOP)

Need cash for growth

We work with management and employees across the entire organization to reduce risk, streamline processes and create sustainable bottom line results.

CEO, COO, Managers

Highly Collaborative Process

New Intelligent Tools

Cross-Functional Analysis

Fast Process & Results

Accounting & Finance

Provides an End-To-End View of Cash

Eliminates Guessing

Establishes Clear Cash Goals

Fast Process & Results

Debt and Share Holders

Reduced Risk

Improved Strategy & Execution

Creates New Profit Capabilities

Fast Process & Results


"He demonstrated on innumerable occasions an ability to identify and manage the detailed components of operational costs necessary to the delivery of services to clients while balancing the relationship of those costs to the revenue being generated. His leadership was essential to realizing the improvements needed to augment the financial position of the company.."

Marilyn Magett, CFO


"If there is one person I will be forever thankful for, it would be Peter O'Sullivan. Peter came to our rescue at Source Refrigeration & HVAC during a difficult time of leadership transition, and organization change. In the midst of a call center technology implementation he quickly brought harmony and cohesiveness to the organization with his gift of leadership and strong project management skills. I am pleased to recommend Peter to any organization in need of a strong leader, strategic thinker, and driver of change."

Lauren Abrams, CEO

"Certainly we were doing the job; we have exceptional growth. But the company has grown up around us, and we have been doing many things the same way for years. The180Group has helped us to better leverage our employees, to empower them and has helped them to manage their managers better."


James Martin, CEO

"I was particularly impressed by Peter's commitment to integrity and leadership. He also never ceased to amaze with his creative, organized nature while seeking out and implementing new innovative projects and programs. Although it's been almost a year since working with Peter, I constantly find myself using slogans, systems, spreadsheets, and strategies I adopted from him."

Lindsay Cullen, Executive Director

"Peter provided myself and my executive team with valuable counsel, advice and leadership, first as a consultant, then as interim COO. He guided us through a post merger period of transition. Peter is easy to work with and gets along great with everyone. He can be trusted to deliver both great results and difficult advice with equal professionalism and candor."

Jeff Walpole, CEO


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